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Logo Synergy (an exercise in external linking)

The Braves are actually on TBS tonight playing the Reds in the rubber-match of a three game set. It’s a close game and sure there are subplots, but I’m focused on Cincy’s logo. Disappointing to finally realize the Reds’ “C” shares the same font as the Chicago Bears’ “C”. I know a handful of Reds fans. And I know a few Bears fans. But I don’t know a Reds AND Bears fan… so why the logo synergy? Clearly, there are fonts out there worthy enough to represent these franchises. And while I doubt the Reds will beat the Braves tonight, Cincy did beat the biting Bears to the punch by sporting this logo more than 60 years prior to Chi-town.

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To be fair the Reds had the logo first . It first appeared in 1939 for the Reds and not until 1974 for the Bears.
Other wierd things. If you assign a number value to each letter (ie. a=1 b=2....) there is a value difference of 41 and the number of letters in cincinnati reds is 14. 14 is 41 backwards weird eh?
Reds are just better.

Wily Mo Pena rules!
Carroll University in Waukesha Wisconsin- oldest college in the state. They used to let the bears practice there- they were the original C.

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