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Thanks Coach

64 consecutive starts at quarterback. More than 3500 passing yards in each of the past 4 NFL seasons. 118 career touchdowns scored. Still, 7-year NFL veteran Aaron Brooks calls plays from a wrist coach.

If a professional as consistent and effective as Brooks is getting a little help, why shouldn't the rest of us? It's time to repurpose the Wrist Coach as a friendly assistant to players of all games. Truck Drivers could view driving directions through Coach's window. Taco Bell taco artists could stick recipes in there. The President could have "nuclear" spelled phonetically on his. Ashlee Simpson's lyrics could be right there on her wrist!

Of course, as a Web Designer, I think I would go with the Hexadecimal HTML Color Codes on mine. Or else Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. (Thankfully I have an extra Wrist Coach in the closet since my Flag Football teammates banned it from the next Frenzy.)

Aaron Brooks has taught us a valuable lesson: Don't be afraid to ask for a little help. The Wrist Coach... It's not just for quarterbacks anymore!


Why would anyone outlaw a wrist coach?

I agree on more wrist coaching and less thinking. This could be the new trend like the livestrong bracelets, etc. Imagine everyone sporting their wrist coach with whatever it is they needed to remember for the day. Iteneraries, appointments, anything. This could be the new craze!

No more fumbling when speaking in public. When you hear a joke and you think it's funny, now you can simply recite the joke from your wrist and not mess up any parts!

Shopping lists, Game shedules..the uses are endless!

It takes all the guess work out of life!

I'm buying the wrist coaches!

Quite would be all you would need!

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