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College Football 2005

A few takes from some College Football this weekend:

I watched the Notre Dame game vs #20 Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

2 Things came to my mind when watching this game:

#1- The Irish are back! Weis is a great coach, and he was running that same offense he ran in New England. The short, quick throws finding mismatches and exploiting whatever the defense threw at them. It was very impressive, and he doesn't even have his players in there yet!! When Willingham was there they had a tremendous defense, and a bit of luck his 1st year (which proved to be his only successful one). I felt like I was watching the Patriots play, and they scored at will against the Panthers. 35 1st half points and the game was over. We may be looking at a historical coach in the making and it wouldn't surprise me if they knock off USC when they play later this year. The Irish have a tough schedule as usual, and they should be primed to knock off the defending champs who play a bunch of cupcakes in the mean time. They are probably a few years away, but welcome back Notre Dame to prominance!!

#2- The Pats could be in trouble! That offense they have had the last few years was always ahead of the curve. I remember the year after their 1st Superbowl they opened against the Steelers who were looking to maul them physically. Weis orchestrated a game plan that had them going empty backfield in the 1st half and throwing almost every down. Completely out of character for the Pats, they torched the Steelers in that 1st half. The loss of Charlie could be devasting especially now that Belicheck will play a big part in the offensive play calling?!? Stick to the Defense Billy. Last year may have been the swan song for that Patriots team. Would that really bother anyone that isn't from Boston?

Game #2- Miami vs Florida State from Tallahassee:

Thought #1- This game has always been full of close games. Most known for the "Wide Rights" that have cost the Seminoles 2 games against the Canes and perhaps, the National Championship those years as well. Last year they played another close one, with Miami trailing by 10 at the half, they came back to beat FSU yet again. Last night's game was awful. It was a 10-7 victory for FSU, which did have some nice plays from their Tailback Booker. Aside from him, and a solid performance from their defense, FSU looked like SMU. I don't think you can find many passing performances worst then last nights debacle. Luckily i went to bed at halftime, because not only did I not miss any scoring, I heard the game ended on a botched Field Goal attempt. That would be 3 on the game for Miami. The U that is...

Thought #2- Both of these teams will likely be ranked ahead of the previously unranked Fighting Irish after the new polls come out.
This just further shows the irrelevance on preseason polls. Or any polls for that matter. It's time we get a postseason in College Football, there just isn't any other way around it. The BCS is terrible, in it's enterity it has gotten the best 2 teams to play each other only once, a year in which Ohio State played the U. They just happened to be the only undefeated teams that year.


So when the Irish throw short passes it's a good idea, but when I do sucks? I don't get it.

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