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For some reason, I decided not to find a game to watch during commercial breaks tonight while watching Everybody Hates Chris and The Apprentice. Man have I been missing out on some commercials!

Car commercials... MTV without the lip-synchers. Jeep's Missy Elliott commercial (still looking for clip) is the greatest. The treatment of the video in this one is inspiring. I think I want to try to pull that off with my Handycam and Focus. The Nissan Bottom Line commercial was decent too.

Tom Brady and his 5 layers of security for Visa. When you win the Super Bowl you do clever credit card commercials that are actually funny. When you lose the Super Bowl, Chunky Soup.

The Girl in the Moon Miller Lite spot... breaking ground for a beer ad. The subtle manipulation of nostalgic graphics is cool and kept my attention. A bearded Bill Walton is a bonus!

And while its not a commercial, the intro for Everybody Hates Chris is extremely well done too. Who would have thought that passing on the Air Force/Utah tilt would have turned into such a videography study?!?

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