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Forty Years of Flight

I hope everyone took a little time out of their busy Sunday to wish Scottie Pippen a happy 40th birthday. I have changed addresses a few times since Scottie last donned a Bulls uni (well, except for his brief return to Chicago in '03) so I'm sure my invite got lost in the mail. Anyway, it got me wondering what Pip has been up to? A quick Google News search reveals...

Jersey Retirement: "The Bulls will retire Scottie Pippen's No. 33 jersey at halftime of a Dec. 9 game against the Lakers." Solves the NBA League Pass renewal dilemma.

Hall-of-famer Scottie Pippen: "Former NBA great Scottie Pippen will be inducted into the University of Central Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame at 11 a.m. Saturday in the Student Center Ballroom." (09/15)

Minnesota's Fearsome Foursome: Pip participated in Trent Tucker's celebrity golf fundraiser in the Twin Cities with his former ball-hogging teammate, Claire Huxtable's real husband, and a York High graduate (and Pitt-alum). Shooting par 72 (a magical number for Bulls fans), the ball-hog won as usual.

Scottie seems to have taken at least a mild interest in the development of current Rockets forward Juaquin Hawkins. A tip for Hawkins - ditch The Glove and start breaking down Scottie Pippen game tapes.

"Not sure if you caught this but, Scottie Pippen's nephew, William Pippen, has signed to play with the Tokyo Apache and will be coached by Joe Bryant, Kobe's father."

Apparently Scottie is benefitting from farm subsidies meant to assist small family farmers. A finesse player on the court as well as off, it appears. This cannot please Barkley.

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