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ESPN the Magazine's choice to play in this NFL season's Super Bowl: Vikings over Colts. We're talking Super Bowl XL Bristol, not III 1/2! Okay, even though I hate to see the Eagles get slighted, I guess they're not the worst predictions I've seen. No, the worst is Joe Theisman's selection to represent the NFC - the Redskins. I guess ESPN gave him next season's Monday Night Football gig as Al Michaels sidekick because of his fearlessness. I'm also wondering if "Stink" Mark Schlereth had to submit his choice of Ravens as AFC rep before actually watching a preseason full of B-More QB Kyle Boller's erroneous play. Nevertheless, I'll side with half of the Mag's picks and go on the record as picking an Eagles over Colts Super Bowl.

The Eagles have surprised me a bit with some of their decisions on their 53-man roster. After what Hugh Douglas gave them last season, I would have liked to see his presence return this season, but he was one of the final cuts for the Birds. Can;t say I'll miss other veteran cuts John Ritchie or Sean Landeta. The decision to go with Josh Parry at FB makes sense since he can contribute mightily on Special Teams, whereas Ritchie cannot. The acquisitions of Darnerian McCants and Lamar Gordon might work out well. These guys could actually play fairly significant roles, but the additions must mean the Birds aren't sold on Billy McMullen or Bruce Perry.

The retirement of Jerry Rice probably won't get much bad pub, but to me it falls in line with the obnoxious behavior of the NFL's top wideouts this preseason. You gotta love a guy hanging on to his last opportunity to play because he loves the game of football so much that he can't stand to leave, which was how I interpreted Rice's situation when he signed with the Broncos and was told he'd have to fight for a roster spot. Well, Rice made the team, only to retire shortly after because he was slated as the teams 4th receiver on the depth chart. That tells me that Rice may very well have been in it more to compile additional numbers rather than enjoy an opportunity to contribute to a division contender. In a league where players make frequent visits to the trainer's table, he was only an injury away from playing a huge role for a team that gave him a chance. Seems to me like Jerry Rice was sticking around for the stats rather than the game.

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True dat on Rice. Dude should have hung it up prior to him going to the Seahawks.

I was also surprised about Douglas getting the axe. Wouldn't be surprised to see him back in the fold if the Birds d-line gets hit by the injury bug.

Ritchie didn't surprise me. His knee still is only about 75-80%. Still, you know I'm NO fan of Josh Parry. He worries me, and since he's the only FB on the Eagles roster, they look weak to me at that position. I hope he can just clear the way for Westbrook and my man Moats. Ol' #5 should NOT look for Parry out of the backfield. Dude has hands of stone.
Well, I was going to pick the Broncos to go the Superbowl, but now that Rice is gone, I will detract that. Ok Ok it wasn't like that, but he was the greatest receiver of all time. He definetely hung around too long and now his retirement is more of a relief for fans then it is a big deal.

Birds, Douglas is gone, and I can't imagine how that won't hurt them a little bit. He seemed to still have something left last year..but it's hard to question anything this organization does due to their success in recent years.

I'm not sure what they are doing at fullback...but Cecil Martin is still out there!

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