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No I.D.?

The quote of the day from the Dover School District's Biology class trial...
"For all we know, the world may have been created five minutes ago and we've all been implanted with memory chips," Pennock told Gillen.
From what I've been reading the last few days, two more simpler quotes come to my mind when considering this whole case...

1) "Much ado about nothing."
Thinking back on my relatively drama-free high school years, I'm sure there were situations a bit more dicey to handle than a "four-paragraph statement read to students" about intelligent design. Let's just say there are 2 or 3 questions from the kids who always have to ask questions, and you got, what, 25 minutes a year dedicated to this?

2) "Give 'em an inch, they'll take a yard."
Four paragraphs in 2005 leads to prayer circles in '07 and ruler-wielding nuns in '11.

I just wonder if this thing has strung along this far simply due to a small-town school board's power trip? If their intentions aren't to ease into a biology curriculum that ultimately features creationism, how easy would it have been to pull the four paragraphs?

Unless their intentions aren't simply the four paragraphs. In which case, U.S. Middle District Court is where the issue ought to be.

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I keep seeing all this stuff in the paper about Dover School and big decisions. What the heck are they talking about? what is this paragraph?
Admittedly, I do not view organized religion in a positive light. But the Dover School Board is dominated by a number of religious right zealots. Read some dude's column (he's not that great a writer, but he is effective in making his point) on page 7A of today's (Friday) York paper.

The four paragraph thing is just the beginning of the D.S.B.'s plans. They are so pro-creation and anti-science it's mind-numbing. If I had a child and I lived in the Dover S.D., I would have been out like Shout. There is no way I would ever let my kids be exposed to such a backward ideology. The D.S.B. wants to take things back to the 1800's.

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