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The Official Weigh-In: Week 1

I might as well weigh-in on the Eagles first game of the season...

As Ric Flair says, "to be the man, you gotta beat the man."

Someone please tell Jim Mora, Jr. and his Falcons team and fans that in the NFL, that really applies only in the postseason. If you're a contending NFL team, one that made it to your conference's finals a season ago, playing on your home turf and pull out a 4 point victory in September, do you seriously run around and go crazy like you just won the Super Bowl?

As for those 10 point scoring Eagles, I really feel that the loss rests on Donovan's shoulders (and bruised sternum). He was inaccurate, throwing high, most of the night. Also, his reluctance to tuck the ball and run was obvious - he probably left a few first downs on the field by not taking off. I think if Donovan completes a few of those wild passes and scrambles a bit more, the Eagles offense could have mustered another 10 or so points.

The skirmish before the game generated some excitement. The Eagles defense seemed to take a hit when it was announced that Jeremiah Trotter was ejected from the game well before it began. Well, this stellar D held up pretty well by forcing turnovers and applying pressure on Michael Pick, I mean Vick. Their run defense was probably a little more inconsistent without Trotter, but allowing 14 points has to be considered a success.

In the end, an early loss will just make the next few weeks a bit more entertaining in that there is a little more uncertainty hanging over the Eagles. They are the only team in their division who lost in week 1, so there could actually be an NFC East race for a month or so.


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