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So I'm watching the ESPN News version of the Monday Night Football half-time show last night when Sean Salisbury revealed his latest NFL Power Rankings. I've seen this done in the past in sports and I never quite understood the point. It seems like manufactured analysis since the beauty of sports is the Win/Loss column. I mean, why assign numerical values to rank something that is already ranked by numerical values?

Well, without further ado, here are my Legal Tender Power Rankings...

1) 50 Dollar Bill
Sure only 5% of all bills are 50s, but its time to be a patriot. And who better fits the bill than a man named U.S.?

2) 2 Dollar Bill
Hey, what can I say? I'm a bit superstitious. The 2 is always 2. After all, I like a 2... I can break a 2.

3) 20 Dollar Bill
The Double-Sawbuck is moving up the charts as it is fast becoming the ATM's bill of choice.

4) 100 Dollar Bill
With all those name changes, people have been tuning Sean Combs out. It's no longer All About the Benjamins!

5) 10 Dollar Bill
Until rumor becomes reality and Ronald Reagan's mug replaces Hamilton's, the 10 will continue to struggle to gain momentum.


I enjoy the $50 because it is colorful! Red and blue on the greenback, Genius!
The $10 just got a redesign. How about a little love for the $10?

And Reagan giving it a boost? Fer real?

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