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Sitting On My Hands

Get home from work at 5:30. Game begins at 9:00. That's a long 3 and a half when the uncertainty of a new crop of Birds is hanging over your head.

I expect there to be some focus tonight on the Eagles' malcontents. I just hope they don't lump Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook together. T.O. is getting paid millions per in the second year of his contact; received a huge signing bonus prior to last season when signing with the Eagles; and cited taking care of his family for his hopes of a larger contract. Westbrook (it's Brian, Jay Mariotti, not Bryant) is in the final year of a standard contract given to unproven 3rd round draft picks; received no signing bonus to speak of; is as vital to the team's success as anyone on the team minus ol' #5; and honestly admits that he wants the raise so he can live a certain lifestyle.

My prediction? Eagles win 27-13.


They are giving this game away.

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