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Week 2 Weigh-In

There wasn't much reason to be concerned about the Eagles after their week 1 loss, and likewise there isn't much reason to be excited about the Eagles in their week 2 win. Donovan played pitch and catch with T.O. and the guys all game long against San Fran's "B Team". Strange that they'd bench their good players against the defending NFC champs, but hey, Mike Nolan's in charge.

Anyway, the highlight was definitely backup linebacker Mark Simoneau's (mispronounced badly by Terry Bradshaw during the halftime highlights) extra point kick. Right down the middle. Eagle fans have never been so excited about something Mark Simoneau has done on the field. Well, we did kind of like it when he gave Hugh Douglas his old number back last season.

So this week's game is against the Raiders (1:00, CBS). We'll get to see who's clown is the clowniest! As long as ol' number 5 is on target, the Birds should be in good shape.


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