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NBA Dress Code

First, Marcus Camby's thoughts on the prospects of an NBA dress code:

"I don't see it happening unless every NBA player is given a stipend to buy clothes."

Clutch. Now, my thoughts:

My past experiences say its a sham. When I was on the SG Jr. High team, we wore sweaters, slacks and dress shoes on away game days. We looked really suave (or dorky) as we walked from Jr. High school lobby to bus, and then bus to opponents Jr. High school locker room. What was the point? Who saw us? How differently would the four people who did see us think of us if we had on jeans and a sweatshirt?

My personal ambitions say its a "go". Commissioner Stern thinks it will improve the league's image and in time win over some of the alienated, conservative non-fans. Should this be the case and fan interest builds, more folks, let's say folks within the SusCom footprint, will crave more televised NBA action. You know where this is going... League Pass!

My objective reaction says its a toss-up. The NBA... it's a game, it's a business. A game, a business. Game, business. It's really both. But which is it first? And I mean from a fan's perspective, since they're the ones with the perception problem. If it's a game first, there's no reason to expect players to appear in "business casual" attire during the time between running around, playing with a ball for two and a half hours, then hopping into their souped up Escalade. If it's a business, I guess that's exactly what you would expect.

The bottom line is too few people love the game for the game and all of this stupid stuff that shouldn't matter matters. This world needs to wake up! Listen to the nuance of an impeccably inflated Spalding spring from a paved driveway. Feel the sweet sting of an elbow planted in despair. Witness the calculable brilliance of backboard and rim, whose geometrically sound relationship fosters unwavering dependability. Breathe Basketball.


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