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Turkey Wrap

The Thanksgiving holiday is really becoming a great participatory/televised sports weekend.
  • First, the Thanksgiving day NFL games: Denver pulls out a nice win over Dallas, but Detroit couldn't pull the upset over Atlanta. The real story is the awards. Fox has replaced John Madden's turducken with a robotic turkey trophy... not bad. But Simms' Iron awards?

  • Black Friday Flag Football Frenzy 2005: The Frenzy follows Thanksgiving day and 2005's event was encouraging. There were no injuries or temper flare-ups, so the tournament played out well. The weather was pretty nice considering the sub-40 degree temps. 10 Apple Rush even notched two wins.

  • After a long day of football, its always nice to turn around and hit the hardwood for a little Saturday afternoon Church League action. Westminster came out firing on all cylinders and appeared ready to upset St. Matt's. But, our recurring nightmare set in late in the game and St. Matt's came back to win by 1 point. These losses are getting old, hopefully this one frustrated us enough to find a way to keep it from happening next time.

  • Sunday's NFL action was like Thanksgiving all over again. Eagles fans across the nation gave thanks to the Green Bay Packers for letting Brett Favre throw the ball during their final game-winning attempt. After a bogus roughing the passer call nullified Favre's first interception in the final two minutes of a 5-point game, the Gunslinger heaved another to Rod Hood with about 30 seconds on the clock. Maybe T.O. was right when commenting on the Eagles chances with the Lambeau Legend as our quarterback... after all, Favre does have a knack for finding green jersey's with his passes.

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