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Week 8 Weigh-In

Do I have to? I mean, how else can a 49-21 blow-out loss be analyzed? The defense has just been awful. Forget trying to make sense of it. Instead, take a closer look at the number 49:

2004: Eagles hang 49 on the Cowboys in week 10
2003: 49ers foil the Birds' possible 11 game season closing winning streak with a week 15 upset
2002: Koy Detmer and AJ Feely provide quality relief in their first effort in replacing an injured Donovan McNabb with a week 12 MNF win over the 49ers
2001: The Eagles needed 1 more point in their week 9 romp over the Vikings to hit the 49 point mark
2000: Pickle juice got us 41 in week 1 vs. Dallas, which turned out to be the season-high in points scored or allowed in one game
1996: The Ty Detmer led Eagles look sluggish in a 14-0 loss to the 49ers in a Wild Card Playoff game
1994: We say hello to Cahlie Garner in a week 4 blowout victory over the 49ers
1993: The Rich Kotite era ends with a 3 point win over the 49ers in week 18
1983: No doubt Jaworski and Quick contributed heavily in the Eagles season opening win over the 49ers
1981: The Eagles are a field goal better than 49 in a week 10 win over division rival St. Louis Cardinals
1972: The last time the Eagles gave up 49 or more points, in a 62-10 week 11 loss to the Giants


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