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The 5th season of American Idol kicked off last night. Despite the audition show delivering the same-old, same-old, I must admit that I am excited for another season.

Last night's Memorex Clutch Performer: Brandon, the police officer. We should've known we were in for some trouble when he announced he was going to sing the chorus of EPMD's "I Shot The Sheriff", a song with a two line hook. I couldn't help but laugh as he sang the same thing over and over and over.

Looks like we won't be hearing any performances of Kelly Clarkson songs on the show. In a classic case of one-upsmanship, Fantasia announced "Baby Mama" is readily available for any Idol contestant.

Update: After finding her initial decision pitchy at spots, Clarkson changed her tune. For what its worth.

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Didn't know that about my girl Kelly Kel. I could've sworn I heard a contestant last night (try to) belt out "Since U Been Gone". It was one of those cut-up segments, near the beginning of the show.

Main difference between Kelly and Flinstone - Kelly is doing more than just fine without AI. Freddie Fantasia needs all the help and exposure she can get.

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