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Blogging the Playoffs: Conference Championships

Broncos vs. Steelers
  • The Steel City Destiny Train rolls on during their 1st offensive series: 2 should-be INTs by the Donkeys and 1 overturned lost fumble.
  • The Broncos performance thus far is painfully reminiscent of the '03 & '04 Birds.
  • Is this game still on? I've found "Ringside" to be more entertaining at this point. Ali's about to fight the Grill Guy.
  • Ahhh... Jake's a gunslinger!
  • Ali's now fighting Chuck Wepner. Apparently, this Wepner fella was the inspiration for Rocky.
  • Pittsburgh wins 34-17.
Seahawks vs. Panthers
  • Engram says "We will win." I sure hope so.
  • Aikman eludes to "those kinds of calls not being made" in Championship games... Panthers fans are familiar with the concept.
  • Hey! That Sean Locklear mug shot looks just like the one I saw 50 times earlier this week.
  • QB Seneca Wallace with the catch? Did Holmgren just do a Belichick team-building thing?
  • Ahhh... Jake's a gunslinger!
  • The officials are at it again. Quick review: An illegal blocker raised his arms immediately after blocking to indicate to the world that he just clipped a player; the clipped player was looking for a flag after tumbling; the ref flew a flag. Result? No penalty.
  • Nice spunk by Hasselbeck, or as my wife calls him, Hasselhoff. No signs of complacency.
  • Eric B. and Rakim back the Shaun Alexander video recap. Wearing #37 still isn't cool.
  • Seahawks win to set up the first AFC vs. AFC Super Bowl. Or the first Franco Harris Bowl.

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