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Blogging the Playoffs: Divisional Round

Seahawks vs. Redskins (Department store glimpses only)
  • Wow! What a run by Seahawks All-Pro running back... Mack Strong?
  • Could Matt Hasselbeck end up as the Seahawks premier QB ever? He's got some work to do to match Dave Kreig's career numbers. Kreig surprisingly ranks 11th in the NFL's history books in career passing yards and 9th in career passing touchdowns.
  • Santana Moss' near TD-catch in the closing moments was a heartbreaker to gamblers everywhere. The Skins would've covered with those 6 points and Josh would owe me a dollar.
Broncos vs. Patriots
  • Broncos brass favors a fade route over Mike Anderson on 4th and goal. Momentum shifts mightily towards the Patriots.
  • Champ Bailey forgets that Tom Brady hates to lose and picks off his pass in the end zone, returning the interception to Denver's 2.
  • Troy Brown forgets that Bill Belichick is a genious and muffs a punt. Denver's recovery may have sealed a victory.
  • Denver wins, thankfully.
Colts vs. Steelers
  • This is a big one... CBS broke out their top graphic package - a scrolling LED message board! Nearly as impressive as the scrolling LED belt buckle Kirby wore to the New Year's Eve party.
  • What's that about zero first quarter interceptions?
  • Is there a more ridiculous rulebook than the NFL's? And to think the officials have regular jobs and just do this on the side. Do you ever wonder if its a conspiracy? The more points of contention, plus part-time refs equals more challenges and delays and... commercials!
  • The Closer fumbles. I'll never consider experience as a factor in pro sports contests again.
  • Let's all say it together: "He missed it." Denver or Pittsburgh will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.
Bears vs. Panthers
  • Chicago fans, welcome to the playoffs: single-converage against Steve Smith, 3 incomplete passes to open on offense, and a shank from the punter. Good luck.
  • I think I just saw Urlacher make an actual game-changing play. That's got to be the first since the world went ga-ga over him chasing down Donovan in an '02 playoff game.
  • Just as expected... Bernard Berrian is taking over this game!
  • Some more strange calls. Some more Steve Smith. Some more muggings by Panthers DBs. Carolina wins.

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