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Blogging the Playoffs: Wild Card Round

Redskins vs. Buccaneers (Joined in progress)
  • Is that the Rocket Man, ol' #12 at QB for Tampa? No, that's Chris Simms diving across the goal line. Bonus: The play gave Mike Patrick an opportunity to remind us that the goal line extends to infinity. Isn't that something... so it's really a goal line segment?!?
  • Alstott's leap wasn't so reminiscent of Randall. 4th and short becomes the biggest play of the game for the Bucs O.
  • Two incomplete deep balls to Edell Sheppard, one to the fault of Shep and one to the fault of Phil's kid. Ball game. 17-10 Skins.
Jaguars vs. Patriots
  • The televised endorsements must be taking their toll on Tom Brady. If he would have canned the theatrics on the direct snap trick play, I'm certain Andre Davis would've had a touchdown. Add "cut up American Express cards" to Andre's offseason to-do list.
  • Refreshing to see a short yardage play-fake result in a touchdown to a wide receiver. If Vrabel would've gotten another 3 yard TD catch, I might actually be upset that Jacksonville is getting blown out.
  • This game is boring... looks like the Bulls are leading their game by 25 points too. I think I'll watch Hinrich and Co. finish off the Grizz.
Panthers vs. Giants
  • Nick Goings from? Pitt.
  • Wha??... "I don't disagree with the no-call there." - Troy Aikman
  • Steve Smith's play? Stellar. Steve Smith's TD celebrations? Clumsy. This Panther WR is fast becoming pro sport history's most impressive Steve Smith. Easily more impressive than this one. Toss up compared to this one. Hockey doesn't count. Amazingly enough, there has never been an MLB player named Steve Smith.
  • I thought Eli was going to be a gamer. I guess my fantasy football player evaluation skills have spilled into the playoffs.
Steelers vs. Bengals
  • Cincy's opening drive... the game is forever changed after Kerry and Kevin's long lost brother Kimo Von Erich puts a submission hold on Carson Palmer's leg.
  • The Bengals come out to receive the 2nd half kick-off with a 17-14 lead. The stadium is dead quiet. This can't be good.
  • Steelers win going away. They shouldn't be too satisfied considering the "hit" on Palmer was such a factor. Chad Johnson is crying.
Final Thoughts (Putting the Wild in Wild Card)
  • All four better record teams lost in the Wild Card round.
  • 3 of the 4 home teams lost.
  • 3 of the 4 teams to score first won.
  • The Skins 7 point win was the only contest decided by single digits.
  • All 4 teams I was rooting for lost. However, I won't toss aside my "root for the home team" strategy as I'm pulling for all of the round 2 favorites.

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