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Friday the 13th

Cubicle neighbor Todd perceives today's day of superstition with fondness, thanks in part to his college baseball jersey number. We began considering famous #13's and came up with only a short list: Dan Marino, Wilt Chamberlain and Maurice Clarett. (Well, he knew of some Cincy Bearcats but they don't count.)

There does not appear to be any quick means of researching all-time players' numbers, so I decided to focus on current NBA players and award this Friday the 13th's recipient of the Wilt Chamberlain award for the Association's finest #13. Here are the candidates:

Delonte West, G, Boston - Refreshing to see a young guard with a FG% over 50%
Matt Carroll, G, Charlotte - 11 mpg for the 2nd worst team in the league
Eddie Basten, G, Chicago - Never heard of him
David Harrison, C, Indiana - I have an '84 Topps football card of his dad Dennis (he was a Bird)
Quinton Ross, G, LA Clippers - He'll get you 5, 3 and either 1 or 2
Malik Rose, F, New York - Only player on the list with a championship ring
Kelvin Cato, C, Orlando - Having worst season of 9 year career
Steve Nash, G, Phoenix - Last season's league MVP is the NBA's only player averaging double-figures in assists
Mike James, G, Toronto - 22 and 8 in his last 5, this journeyman's on fire
Mehmet Okur, C, Utah - The big man leads team in scoring, rebounding, FG% and 3-point%

I thought more players/franchises would be superstitious and there would be fewer #13's to choose from, so it's nice to have a comprehensive list. I'm giving the Wilt to Mehmet Okur because his surprising role of team leader actually has the Jazz in first place in their division right now.

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Recently retired Doug "Mrs." Christie was also 13, but I think he does that number a disservice more than anything else.

Bearcats (who you discount) include Lenny Stokes and Jihad Muhammed.

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