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Follow Up Dunk

Travis: What is your opinion on this year's slam dunk competition. I heard a bunch of negative comments. Missed it because I was watching Pitt shoot 74% in the second half and lose.

Me: I enjoyed it... it definitely peaked too early though. Andre Igoudala's second first-round dunk was an all-time top 5, and Nate Robinson followed that up by jumping over Spud Webb. Later in the finals, Nate killed the buzz by attempting a stupid dunk 15 times until making it, shamefully scoring higher than Iggy's more familiar, yet higher-degree of difficulty dunk.

I've got 3 criteria for dunk contests and all were met:
  1. The guys who go out early can't be stiffs.
    I'm not sure what Josh Smith was doing with that piece of tape on the floor 18 or so feet from the hoop, but he and Hakim Warrick (from? Syracuse) were quality 1st round competitors.
  2. The winner doesn't win by default.
    There have been contests in the past where a guy would go up and do a simple 2 hand jam on his last dunk just to get the 25 points needed to win. In this case, Igoudala's final dunk came up one point short of Robinson's winning score.
  3. I hope to see a dunk never before attempted, and Igoudala's was just that.


Igoudala was robbed. Robinson had 1 really cool dunk the whole time and granted he did do that in 1 try. He also took about 30 tries to complete 2 other dunks. Not to mention as Brett said Iggy had the dunk of probably the last 5 years and lost only because Robinson is a smurf.

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