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Q & A With A Seahawk Fan

Unfortunately, we all know tons of Steelers fans. But does anyone really know a Seahawks fan? Despite being nearly as nonexistent as the bird itself, here's a chance to get to know one...

1) Name & Age:
Josh, 31

2) How does a kid from south-central PA become a Seahawks fan?
Started out as a Cowboys fan (too young to know any better). Became a Seahawks fan when they had the best receiver of all time (at the time), Steve Largent.

3) Did you ever own a Seahawks replica jersey and which player's was it?
I have never owned a Seahawks replica jersey, but I will gladly accept donations toward the purchase of one, and it would have to be #37.

4) I'm sure you're ga-ga over Shaun Alexander right now, so which Seahawks player before him was your all-time favorite?
Steve Largent. He was told that he was too small and too slow to play at the professional level. All he did was set every significant receiving record en route to a Hall of Fame career.

5) If you could bring back one defensive player from Seattle's past to insert into their current lineup, who would it be and why?
Cortez Kennedy. The Tezmanian Devil was the best past rusher in franchise history.

6) Which play during the NFC Championship victory drew the most emotion in your living room?
Going to have to call it a tie between the High and the Low:
High: Seattle's first touchdown, Hasselbeck's 17 yard touchdown pass over the middle to Jerramy Stevens.
Low: The idiot refs for picking up the flag on the obvious block in the back that sprung Steve Smith for a punt return for a touchdown.

7) Who do you feel is the most underrated Seahawk player heading into the big game?
The entire team! Can you think of a team that was this successful and has received this little credit, including being the #1 Team in the NFC playing the #6 Team in the AFC, yet tagged as the underdog? I'll take it, all the way to the bank!

8) If Seattle beats Pittsburgh in this game, will you finally be able to forgive Franco Harris for going into the Hall as a Steeler?
Already done.

9) Which Hawk is most likely to go all Freddie Mitchell on us these next two weeks?
Koren Robinson, oh wait the 'Hawks released his sorry butt at the end of last year. I'll go with Matt "We'll take the ball and we're going to score" Hasselbeck.

10) Is there a better Super Bowl to make your first appearance in than "XL"? Prediction?
Nope, eXtra Large it is!!!! Seattle 31 Steelers 20 (and it won't be that close!)


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