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Ruined Words

Ruined Words, as defined by Blah, Blah, Blog:
They're usually obscure words that surface during certain news stories. Then
they become attached to these stories and are sometimes more fascinating than
the stories themselves.
When the Vice President shoots somebody in the face, we all lose. A heavily reported occurence like this leads to more ruined words. Word-fans of covey and shot (the thing, not the action) might be nearly as furious with the Veep as poor Harry Whittington himself. Who even knew shot was a thing? As defined by Merriam Webster Online:
2 a plural shot : something propelled by shooting; especially : small lead or steel pellets especially forming a charge for a shotgun
Maybe words like this could be retired after they're ruined by events/tragedies/misfirings. Covey and shot (the thing) should be retired from print or speech, just as hanging chad should have been retired following the Florida election and levee retired post-Katrina.

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