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Super Bowl X(tra) L(ame)

Y'uns Stillers won. While attempting to find the good in this game, one could point to the age old football adage that big plays win big games. Pittsburgh made 3 big plays that essentially scored their 3 touchdowns. First, the 3rd and 28 completion to Hines Ward inside the Steelers 5 that set up their first TD. Then the Fast Willie Parker touchdown scoot that knocked Marcus Allen out of the record books. And finally, the gadget play that allowed Antwaan Randle-El (my vote for MVP should the NFL ever adopt the American Idol voting system) to show off his passing skills. 3 huge plays totaling 21 points.

BUT, here's how I really feel about the game...


I guess the stiller should have declined the penalties or turned down ben's TD. I agree there were questionable calls, but that blame lies with the NFL.
If by the NFL, you mean the referees, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Hopefully this Sunday's Pro Bowl manages to wash away all the dirtyness I feel about Subpar Bowl XL. Yuck!

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