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AI5: Super Pool Dropout?

At work we've started the SusCom American Idol Super Pool where many co-workers submit weekly picks to earn points. I've really been into guessing along with everyone as to who will stay and who will go, but after a recent iTunes Music Store discovery, I'm not sure I have what it takes to continue.
"(He) was my favorite candidate from (and the only reason I watched) American Idol."

"When this album came out, my first thought was... it's about time!"

"(His) sound is simply refreshing."
Who's music are these customers reviewing? John Stevens. His album is titled Red. He covers Frank Sinatra (obviously) and Maroon 5 (wha??). People like it.

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I told you guys Stevens was the man. He should have stayed in the competition longer!

All I have to say is now we know who is voting for Kevin Covais..he and your boy David Radford will be around for a long time I guess.
At least Kovais resets (albeit questionably) McKnight.

Radford puts the "d" in durst!

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