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Canadian Bacon

After getting thinly sliced by the Canadians yesterday, Team USA finds itself in a Pool B bind in this inaugural World Baseball Classic. We may have gotten caught up in Baywatch, and took the whole of Team Canada a bit lightly. Advancement to the semis is in jeopardy, as researched by Flood:
The United States (1-1) must beat South Africa on Friday, when
43-year-old Roger Clemens starts for the Americans, or have Mexico lose one of
its remaining games to stay alive in the 16-nation tournament.

If Mexico, Canada and the United States finish 2-1, the tie would be
broken by fewest runs allowed per inning in competition involving only those
three teams. In that case, the United States would advance if Mexico scores at
least three runs against Canada on Thursday.
Well, this convoluted tie-breaking system proves one thing: the WBC rules committee is consistent. The positive in all of this is that we're playing South Africa tomorrow, and they don't impress me much. Additionally, another win from the team that just beat us would prove to be a clutch assist, allowing Team USA to advance with Canada to the next round of play.

Nevertheless, as Team USA skipper Buck Martinez sits in the dugout with one hand in his pocket, I wonder: Does Team USA understand the urgency? This one-and-done format cuts like a knife. We have no time for growing pains. Over the next 24 hours, everyone from the guys behind the mask, to the men toeing the rubber, need to take on a "do or die" attitude. More power. More speed. Take care of business, and together we'll be fine!

Okay, now re-read this entry and give yourself a point for every Canadian pop-culture reference you find.

A WBC Sidenote
Cuba and Panama: I was just kidding about the whole beaning thing! There were 7 hit batsmen in yesterday's 8-6 Cuban win, and if Ruben Rivera would have taken a high and tight toss off the shoulder in the bottom of the ninth, Panama could have won on a run scored via HBP. I don't want to have to start patrolling this blog's borders, so stop taking the entries so literally!

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great game, eh?

1. thinly sliced - like Canadian bacon
2. Baywatch - both Canadian slugger Jason Bay and the show starring Canadian Pamela Anderson
3. jeopardy - popular gameshow hosted by Canadian Alex Trebek
4. don't impress me much - song by Canadian pop/country singer Shania Twain
5. assist - stat in hockey, Canada's national sport
6. one hand in his pocket - derivitive of a popular Alanis Morrisette song, who is also Canadian
7. cuts like a knife - song by Canadian Bryan Adams
8. growing pains - nice family show with the father played by Canadian Alan Thicke
9. "24" hours - referring to the clutch FOX show starring Canadian Keifer Sutherland
10. the mask - shoutout to the movie starring Jim Carrey, a Canadian

That's all I got.

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