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Final Thoughts

On the College Game...
  • Free-throw shooting down the stretch of games has been great through the first two rounds. It's been a pleasant surprise.

  • I'm told all of these upsets are great for fans. How's that again? Fans who engross themselves in national print and TV coverage of NCAA basketball for four months find out that teams which received little to no exposure beat teams that received plenty. Satisfying?

  • Pitt's out, my brackets are busted, go 'Nova, maybe I'll watch a game or two.
On the World Baseball Classic...
  • Even with the USA's early departure, the excitement generated in the early rounds of the Classic carried through for the most part all the way to the final between Japan and Cuba.

  • I've heard a few detractors claim that baseball tournaments cannot be settled by single-game matchups, rather a series is required to prove that team A is better than team B. I would first argue that the pool-play format resembles a 3-game series and teams who win 2 games advance to the next round in most cases. Secondly, why does this line of thinking lead to dismissing the Classic when the same claim can apply to the NFL postseason or the NCAA tournament? Is anyone satisfied that Pittsburgh was clearly the best team in the NFL last season? Is anyone satisfied that George Mason is clearly a better team than North Carolina?

  • My ideas for the future of the WBC: Hold it every two years; USA players can only be eligible to play twice; the USA team should be named following the end of the season prior to the Classic so players who will be participating can prepare themselves well in advance; settle on one Team USA logo - never again can we have a logo on our caps that does not match our jerseys!

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I am satisfied that George Mason is better than North Carolina.

Real fans know about the smaller schools prior to the NCAA tournament. Yes, upsets are great. Brackets be darned!
It's frustrating when a team you pick is upset, but is there any event better then this all year? It's also frustrating when your team is stuck playing Arizona, BC, and what seems like will be Florida just to get to the final four and you are a 1 seed! While UConn gets to tangle with either George Mason or Wichita State if they win the dog fight with Washington.

Of the 65 teams in the field 32 of those teams have a legitimate shot at winning it. I say that because an 8 seed has won it in the past and two others have made the final four after that.
In fact, there was a better televised event just this past weekend - the Sanford & Son marathon on TV Land. Just like NC2A fans, I was sitting there watching people sell junk, but thankfully I got quite a few laughs out of it. Comedy's at its highest when Fred has to make a phone call.

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