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Digital Rights Management

After unveiling their Video channel on iTunes Music Store awhile back, my immediate thoughts were "I bet Apple will revolutionize the television and music video industry the same way it has the music industry."

I'd like to retract that comment.

If I buy a song on iTunes, I can burn it onto a CD and play it in my car or on my home audio system, in addition to listening to it on my computer and iPod. Sure there are DRM limitations such as purchased tracks can only be burned up to 7 times and can't be copied to more than a few compters/devices, but they are reasonable enough in my opinion.

However, if I buy a TV Show, I only have one option: Watch it on my computer. My iPod does not have video playback capabilities, not that I am interested in watching something on that tiny screen anyway. And the real kicker is that there is no way to burn purchased shows or videos to DVD, the parallel to burning music to CD.

I've spent a portion of the day trying to find out how to accomplish this and I haven't had much luck. I haven't had much beef with the DRM protection that comes with iTunes audio tracks, but this issue will certainly be a sticking point on the video side. I would really be surprised if it were not a sticking point with most potential consumers.

Any thoughts?

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DRM is a total control solution for the digital rights management of documents, images and web pages where an author can assign different permissions per user or group of users. Thank you....

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