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  • Smooth Jazz 92.7
    I recently discovered this station while reprogramming my car stereo. I like their blend of true jazz tracks and pop songs with jazz influence. Plus they had a Chill Hour last night - "chill" is a more electronic genre of jazz and I always like themed radio programming.
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  • Trutech DVD Recorder
    I picked this up a few weeks ago so that I could transfer the movies I stored on my DVR to DVD. I could then clear the recorded movies off my DVR and load up some more before I lost my free movie channels. For $99, I figured if I successfully transferred 20 DVDs, it would already have paid for itself. Well, I'm getting close to 20 and have found the recorder to be fairly easy to use. The Trutech namebrand is prevalent at Target.
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  • Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream
    The Dr. never disappoints. The original DP flavor may never be topped, but the Berries & Cream version is a more versatile can - one my wife and I can both agree on.
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  • The Ellen Degeneres Show
    The past few week's rare exposure to daytime TV hasn't done much for me, but I must admit that the Ellen Degeneres Show is pretty entertaining.
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ellen is no tony danza...i see trutech has some pretty cool flat-screen tvs now too.

does the dvd recorder have a good set of options?
I need to try me some Dr. w/Berries and Cream. Sounds yummy.

I'll vouch for Gnarls Barkley. I'm really diggin' their sound.

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