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NBA Finals: White Hot Heat
Shaq's done it again... I'm struggling to think of another superstar to have played a lead role in leading 3 different NBA franchises to the Finals. A guy like big shot Bob Horry did it, but he wasn't a superstar whom the team depended on to carry the load. Moses and Kareem took 2 franchises each. Clyde Drexler played a big role on 2 Finals teams. What about 3?

NBA Finals: More Mavericks
I'm not sure what inspired Tim Thomas to talk trash to Dirk in game 5, but Nowitzki took over the series shortly after, and ended it last night. That means more Cubes, more Diop, more Hasselhoff, more Frank Drebin, and more Dirk!

Get Hungry!
This Pirates bunch is suddenly becoming one of the most watchable squads in the league. Exciting, clutch offensive play by a handful of players has Bucs baseball on FSN Pittsburgh must-watch TV.

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a pirate

bay is looking better and better everyday.

i watched a phillies/dodgers game the other day with vin scully doing the play-by-play. what a treat.
Just heard "Baby Mama" by Fantasia this morning. Not bad. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I still can't get past her face, though.
Re: Vin Scully - always good to experience the one-man booth. It's sort of like a time warp wathcing him do a game.

Re: Baby Mama - seriously? This is the song that finally receives modest props? And no accomanying spelling joke?
Yeah, good to see Fantasia learned some rudimentary spelling skills before she put out that song.

I noticed it was Akeelah and not Fantasia and the Bee.

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