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Still Blacked Out

Email correspondence excerpts:
From me to them: I’ve been receiving the message below when trying to
connect to Yahoo!’s fantasy sports page. Would it be possible to receive an
override password for this? I like to check my prior day’s fantasy baseball
stats before work or during lunch hour.
From them to me: In response to support request 15502 regarding the Websense override password, certain non-work related websites are being filtered to everybody company wide. I’m sorry I cannot accommodate your request at this time.
What's worse is Yahoo!'s free fantasy sports leagues only offer email alerts for trades and league messages, no daily recaps like CBS and others. So it looks like I'm stuck with the restrictions (which also include Smooth Jazz 92.7's web site), unless anyone has any ideas...


What is YTI...Nazi Germany?

I'm surprised Blogger isn't fil -er- that stinks.
You can try proxy web surfing.

either google "proxy web surfing" and try a couple of the sites, or you can use:

The site is free, but limits the bandwidth/speed at which you can browse for free.

If the websense admins did their job correctly, they'll have blocked these sites, but it's worth a try.
I would try rich's method. Or you can set up some entries in your host file. But that may be more work than it's worth.

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