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I'm With Hagar

Intrigued by Rich B's semi-experiment, I finally completed some gas-mileage tracking:

Test Speeds Mi. Gal. MPG*
------ -------- --- ----- ----
Tank 1 Normal** 325 15.24 21.3
Tank 2 < 65 mpg 355 16.22 21.8
I drove a whole 2 1/2 weeks without exceeding 65 mph and saved a whopping .5 mpg! I was also very conscious of my AC/Windows situation as well. I guess this means that you've got to drop below 60 or less to really start to see an improvement. Or maybe only worry about it if you're in the midst of extended highway driving.

* My car's estimated MPG is 19 city/ 27 hwy
** Normal driving includes occasional speeds between 75 and 80

P.S. Good to see the old PRE tags still work.

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i think 55 is the magical speed to see some benefits. my car actually improved a few MPG after a year or maybe yours will too. i am surprised you don't have better MPG...
From what I read, a long time ago, 40MPH was the optimal speed to drive.

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