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Time for some more TWIB Notes as the NL Wild Card race is heating up...

Braves continue to roll after 7-2 road trip
That's good enough for the 3rd best road-trip record posted during their 15-year run. What got me going the last few nights while the ATL was disposing of the Phizzlin' Phils were the E-A-G-L-E-S chants overheard from the Phillie crowd. That's why they're the best (or at least funniest) fans in sports.

Redlegs make strange deals, continue impressive Wild Card run
I'm not sure dealing young, highly productive bats for off and on middle relievers is a good idea, but Cincy hasn't lost a step on the field. Relief pitchers' confidence and effectiveness seems to come and go so quickly, while "No, Not That" Felipe Lopez and Austin "Boom-Boom" Kearns really helped make that Reds lineup holeless. Acquiring Eddie Guardado looks like a great move though, as he has yet to blow a save.

But what about Sutcliffe?
Harold Reynolds is out at ESPN, but what about Rick Sutcliffe? Sure Sut is jolly and happy to be calling games for the "Evil Empire*", but inaccuracies like "I think Vasquez needs to come clean with management about his injury" and "When you open up the newspaper tomorrow and look at the transactions, you'll see the Braves have made two - Marcus Giles to the DL and Jorge Sosa released" surely cannot be nullified by the occasional "Chuck James has all the makings of a quality starting pitcher - you'll soon see him in that rotation."

Actually, Rick Sutcliffe's untruthiness serves as "such a blessin'**" to those of us "eyeball deep***" in fantasy football research. Take it all with a grain of salt I guess because these heads can't talk that much and still say something.

* Kreider-ism
** Bender-ism
*** DebEllis-ism?


So does that mean a new season of FFL is right around the corner???

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