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Many of you are familiar with Yuck, Team Yuck, York Yuck or Mr. Yuck. You may have lost to him in the finals of your fantasy league, or he may have called you a knucklehead on your league's message board (does Ken Dodson read blogs?). Well, his dad's post-9/11 journal was published in the York Daily Record over the weekend. For those who may have missed it and are looking for interesting reads on this 5th anniversary of the attacks, get your read on.
"Most of them have trouble with images that penetrate quiet moments. Bodies hitting the street and immediately transforming into something that no longer resembled the owner."
Elsewhere, Blah, Blah, Blog is declaring current Tulsa Driller Joe Koshansky as odds-on NL Rookie-of the-Year next season. Not to go all Yahoo! on you, but scoop him up in '07 NL-only leagues.


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