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Weekend Reading XI

Upon my return home yesterday, many cars and a few News Vans were parked along the street in front of our neighbor's house. There were no ambulances or fire trucks, no police cars. Speculation ran amok at our dinner table. MJ, we'll call her Ace, ventured a "hazing" guess that proved to be the right theme. Check out "Players Plan to Appeal" on YDR for the whole scoop.

Psychology Today #1 - This must-read's 8 pages long, so instead of navigating through each screen and downloading all of those banners and graphics, I recommend clicking the "Print" link to read "A Nation of Wimps" in its entirity.

Psychology Today #2 - For those of us regrettably (yes!) or not-so-regrettably (really?) linked at one end or the other in the chain of anti-muslim themed forwarded emails, check out "Why We Hate."

Joe Dumars made an appearance in a dream I had the other night. It was a few days ago so I can't remember the setting or circumstances, but I remember waking the next morning thinking "Joe Dumars?" Ridiculous. But not as ridiculous, according to Bill Simmons in "Building the Halls of Justice," as Joe D entering the Hall of Fame.


That kids father's name is Chuck Morris. That's awesome. Almost like Chuck Norris, but with an N instead of an M. His parents must have had a great snese of humor or didn't want their kid picked on. I wonder if he knows karate.

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