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A 10 Year Struggle

Finally, after all these years of “consumer injury”, I finally got my money back. Not that I ever asked for my money back, but an unexpected $30 check from the good ol’ FTC is all kinds of fun.

Back in ’96-ish I fell for the classified ad described in the bullet points on this page, and paid $30 (apparently) for the natural “postal test study guide” and “how to get rich off of auctions” combo. I did feel kind of duped at the time and did nothing with the books, thus ending my dream of sorting mail.

And now, about 10 years later, the FTC sends me a check. But don’t think they’re all give and no take. This little parting shot in the letter included with the check threw a little salt on this consumer’s injury:
As a reminder, you never have to pay for information about job vacancies or employment opportunities with the U.S. government or U.S. Postal Service. It is available for free at


didn't know you wanted to be a postman...

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