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Foye or Roy?

  1. I had the Summer League's highest single-game scoring output of 35 points against the Suns. Am I Foye or Roy?
  2. I originally entered my name into the 2002 NBA draft following my senior season in high school. Am I Foye or Roy?
  3. I have situs inversive, which means all of my organs are mirrored, making my heart on my right side. Am I Foye or Roy?
  4. I ranked #2 in my collegiate conference in shooting percentage as a junior by connecting on 56.5% of my field goal attempts. Am I Foye or Roy?
  5. I was traded twice on draft day. Am I Foye or Roy?
  6. I was voted by NBA General Managers most likely to be NBA rookie of the year. Am I Foye or Roy?
  7. I am a former New Jersey player of the year. Am I Foye or Roy?
  8. I was named MVP of the Las Vegas Summer league. Am I Foye or Roy?
After impressive summer league showings following the lottery selections of T-Wolves guard Randy Foye and Blazers guard Brandon Roy, their respective clubs are buzzing about their potential impact. Can either of these pre-season R.O.Y. candidates make enough difference to help propel their teams from the Northwest division's basement? Foye or Roy?

Northwest Division Forecast
  1. Denver Nuggets
  2. Seattle Supersonics
  3. Minnesota Timberwolves
  4. Utah Jazz
  5. Portland Trailblazers

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This is with no research:

1. Foye
2. Roy
3. Roy
4. Roy
5. Foye
6. Roy
7. Foye
8. Foye

Nice post! I expect to see it 'jacked somewhere soon.
Well, TK, looks like you win by default. Here's the answer key:

1. Roy
2. Roy
3. Foye
4. Foye
5. Foye
6. Roy
7. Foye
8. Foye

5 of 8 from the floor gets you 11 points (I'm assuming you have some range).
Hey, I finished strong.

I can pop out and hit a three. My range was never a question. I had an alright all-around hoops game.

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