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One Last TWIB Note

Since I was mostly asleep for the last two innings, I’ll remember the Endy Chavez catch as the 2006 baseball season’s final moment. What a catch it was… conjuring up memories of Otis Nixon scaling to rob Andy Van Slyke. Also, after being billed as the worst pitcher to ever grip a baseball, it was nice to see Oliver Perez pitch well. But alas, I’ve grown tired of watching teams I couldn’t care less about, so I’m turning my attention to...

Next week: Blah, Blah, Blog’s NBA Countdown Week will tip off with a tape-delayed blog of the String Bean Basketball League III Draft.


I actually watched innings 4-7 (before I realized Clips v. Lakers preseaseon was on) and must admit that Endy Chavez catch was jaw-dropping.

I can disctinctly remember saying, "Uh oh" as Rolen made contact. Then after seeing Endy jump and rob Scotty R of a dong, I was like "Oh my God!". Then at the twin-killing, "Holy crap!"

Even Heather took note.

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