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Titans 31, Eagles 13

I feel duped.


Wasn't the final score 31-13?

Not that it matters too much, but give LJ Smith his stats, and Garcia too.
Correction made. I lost track of that game having radio access only.
I'm surprised LJ didn't drop the TD. That's what he typically does. Oh yes, I went there.

Us Comcast Lancaster customers were lucky enough to not be offered Eagles v. Titans. Blessing in disguise.
Are you ready to give up on the season and McNabb?

With two backup quarterbacks having 8 and 6 years in the league who is the future of this team?

I overheard a disgruntled Eagles fan in line for breakfast this morning saying that it is time for McNabb to go. I am sure three weeks ago this same faqn was saying that McNabb shgould be the MVP this year!

At least Green Bay has Rookie Ingle Martin behind Aaron Rodgers. I just saw they picked up Todd Bouman a 9 year veteran from St. Cloud St!
The NFC is so weak and wishy-washy right now, part of me is thinking "don't give up... don't ever give up."

The disgruntled fan might be a fairweather fan. If not, he's a fool. I'm a little bit angry with ol' #5 right now for initiating Super Bowl discussions prior to the season, but remain loyal to Donnie Mac as an elite NFL QB. I say let Feeley finish out this season and begin next, then work McNabb back in when he's ready.

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