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Vote Rocking Warmup

"The public, unless something more is done, is going to go in there monumentally ignorant about this," Madonna said.
He was right. Without details, I had no idea what to think of the Persian Gulf Veterans cash question. So, being forever leary of poly-tricks, I figured by the wording of the question (throwing out that big price tag) that they were steering me to vote "no". So I voted "yes". After checking the YDR article this morning, I don't think I care.

Other than that surprise, voting was pretty uneventful. I enjoyed the smaller non-presidential turnout and modern touch-screen voting machines. With NBA All-Star Ballots going to print any day now (Etan for Eastern C!), this morning was a nice vote rocking warmup.

Of course, things aren't going so smoothly in other locales. Voter intimidation ("Skip This Election!" signs qualify as intimidation?), broken machines, and potential hacking reports could lead to a very annoying next few days.


I voted "no" on that one.

Did you get a sticker?
Sure I got a sticker... I live in York County!
i got 3 stickers and the 3rd one was the last one they had.....

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