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1.03.2007's Play Index is Sick!

Thanks to this new tool on, we know for sure that:

Mets Reliever Alejandro Pena struck out Geronimo Pena swinging on 3 pitches in the bottom of the 8th inning in a tie ball game with 1 on and 1 down at Busch Stadium on June 1st, 1991.


Ron Gant was a .273 hitter in 11 plate appearances against Nolan Ryan, launching his 1st career homerun and later his 1st career go-ahead homerun off the Ryan Express. Of course, Will Clark touched up Ryan 6 times in his career, more than any other batter, and also recorded his 1st career shot off Nolan, a blast in the top-half of the 1st inning of the Giants' 1986 season.

Sick. Browse at your own risk.


This is a good one but nowhere does it reference the hurt whitten put on blackjack when he stormed the mound in one of these plate appearences.

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