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2/22, 7/27

I'm through with this game. Ever since Ken Dodson first proposed a hand of 7/27 a few years ago, I've been at odds with one of the most drawn-out, unimaginative poker games ever dealt.

In fact, I've adopted an early exit strategy for this game which I regrettably veered from when my brother-in-law Tony called 2/22 at a poker table this past weekend. This "reds only" version promises all the frustration, chip reduction and stolen moments of 7/27 and then multiplies it all by 2.

Nevertheless, I caught a red 5 down and a red 8 up off the deal. My adversaries' hands lent themselves more to playing for the 2 rather than the 22 for the most part, so I thought I'd stick around and see another card or so. After a black face card, I landed the other red 8. Hmm... I think that gives me 21, which is close enough to 22 to start hammering the pot and expressing supreme confidence in my high hand. Eventually, my competitors folded and half the pot was mine - or so I thought. Turns out I was too occupied with my disgust for this game when the dealer announced the rules that I didn't catch the "without being under" addendum.

I was still given parts of half the pot, which in hindsight I realize I had no business accepting. But please understand, if you're playing cards with me and either 7/27 or 2/22 is called, I am only staying in the game if I am dealt exactly 7 or 2. If I'm betting, you better be going high!

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