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Divisional Round: Saints 27, Eagles 24

Game over.


Didn't have a good feeling going in, but this was our game to lose.

But...punting on 4th and 15 with under 2:00 left? I really question that move. We didn't even try.

Oh well, the Birds over-achieved this year after the Ol' #5 injury. They could have just packed it in.

...Next year.
Coming from someone rooting for the Saints, I too wondered about this call.

4th and 10, Eagles go for it and convert, only to have it called back by penalty.

So... 4th and 15, same amount of time left, why punt? It's not like the Eagles D had shutdown the ground game at this point. Some success at times, yes, but overall no.

You'd already converted once.

Again, not really complaining, but I did scratch my head.

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