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The Elite Eight

So the Eagles escaped the Wild Card round and will now face the Saints in the Divisional round. I've got a few thoughts:

• When Tiki started off the game running the way he did against the Redskins the week before, I thought we were doomed. When our D forced Eli to play the way he did against us 3 weeks ago, I thought we had it in the bag. But in the end, Andy Reid had it right all along... the game came down to "the wire."

• I've always wondered what, if anything, is said between teammates on the sidelines before big kicks. Tonight's YDR AP selection featured some interesting dialog between P Dirk Johnson and K David Akers:
"Before I went out, Dirk said, 'Those goal posts really are wide, aren't they?' " Akers said. "I said, 'You know what? We're going to be celebrating in a minute.' "
Losing "Lockdown" Lito seems like a pretty big deal. Sheppard picked off Breesy in the Birds/Saints seasonal tilt. They'll also miss his sure tackling out on the edge when Reggie Bush darts wide.

• To rehash any of the weekend's memorable moments (i.e. Peyton's picks, Akers' kicks and Romo taking Gramatica's bullet) tune into Video OnDemand for expanded highlight packages of all the games.

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VOD shout out from there a special Eagles area on VOD?

Redd out 4 to 6 weeks...your thoughts??? it shouldn't hurt you too much...

I have had some recent consistent success so I am feeling better about my team...
Since DSL is unavailable to many in the area, we've got to ooze every ounce of quality TV programming out of cable that we can just to keep our costs per minute in single dollar figures.

RE: Redd... he better keep away from the hamburgers during his lay off. I should be able to stay in the playoff picture, depends on Pierce's foot. I see you've had a 3 game winning streak following our meeting.
Just to let you know Brett..our bill went up 5 dollars. Not sure why your's jumped as much as it did.

SBBIII, you don't need Pierce, Redd, or Wilcox as long as you have Gilbert out there.
Trouble in transition land? I hadn't seen a post. Although I did see about Michael being in the Redd. Ouch. Hopefully more shots for Bogut.

I thought the Eagles would win more comfortable, but I should have trusted the prophetic Big Red. This weeekend's rematch against the Saints should be interesting. I favor the Saints, but am not putting anything past the 'Birds.

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