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Two New Sites

I've really been enjoying these two new-to-me sites lately:

Pancakes recommended this streaming music site to me and since it is apparent the Old Man won't be blogging about it anytime soon, I thought I'd share the magic of Pandora with you. The service is free and simple. Type in an artist or song and a stream of songs is generated based on songs with matching criteria in Pandora's vast database of tunes. My "Run D.M.C. Radio" station first plays a Run D.M.C. song, often rarely heard album cuts, then jumps to the likes of Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, etc. Run D.M.C. songs are mixed in with more frequency since they're the group originally entered. Give it a try.
Heptagons, x-coordinates, bar graphs... all on 3" x 5" notecards that make you think and oftentimes laugh. I find this to be a clever and very unique blog. And how about the process: Scan in an index card and post to blog, if it receives heavy feedback, offer the same graphic on a tee-shirt. Check it out.

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I am a bit disappointed they don't have a David Hasselhoff section on Pandora. Other then that it is pretty cool.

I take that back, they did play Hasselhoff. It took 3 songs, but he did in fact come on. Thumbs up to Pandora to be able to handle obscure material!!
I'm anxious to try out pandora. Sounds good. Wonder what I'll get with Rick Ross (the baws).

Also, what about the site Basketball Lou...oh yeah, guess we'll have to wait until after Vegas.

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