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Baseball on Basic Cable

While John Kerry goes to bat for cable subscribing baseball fans and the MLB tries to take their Extra Innings exclusively to DirecTV, I've done a little research to get a feel for the ball-and-stick coverage we're "stuck" with. For those Comcast subscribers in the South Central PA area the news is actually pretty good, especially for the senior circuit fans. We can expect to see the following:
  • 162 Orioles games on MASN/MASN2
  • 161 Nationals games on MASN/MASN2
  • 118 Pirates games on FSN
  • 70 Braves games on TBS
  • 70 Cubs games on WGN
  • 46 Phillies games on UPN
These numbers do not consider blackouts (I'm sure there will be a few). This also does not consider ESPN/ESPN2 Yankees/Red Sox or WGN White Sox telecasts.

Download the spreadsheet I compiled for the bulleted teams/networks above by clicking here.

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That's a lot of baseball. Shouldn't be much reason for anyone to switch to Direct TV in this area.
People watch baseball on tv?

Yeesh, that's rough. I played and I can't stay through a whole game except for the All Star game (possibly), the playoffs and the World Series. And even then it's tough.

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