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The Magnificent Maracas

Possible marketing slogans for the 2007 Magnificent Maracas:
  • No runs, no ribs, no ERRORS!
  • Just Nook it
  • We're the Magnificent with the sensational style
  • Our manager has no idea what he's doing... but neither did Don Muraco's!
  • What a tangled web of ties we'll weave
Basically, I've got a few burners and reserves on offense, maximizing my odds of winning the SB and E categories. On the mound I've got the 2 best closers in the senior circuit and a stable of veteran starters with a few young guns sprinkled in. My dream is to play to a 5-5 tie every week and let the chips fall where they may in the post-season. My reality is that I'll average 4 wins per week and miss the playoffs by 8 to 10 games.


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