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I received a postcard last week announcing the addition of MASN2 to my channel lineup in order to make all Orioles and Nationals baseball games available on cable this season. The card got tossed before the details sank in, and I wanted to clarify things since I often get direct mail from Comcast and Verizon that promote things that do not apply to me.

After my inside connection (Flood) dropped the ball, I thought I'd use one of them web-forms Comcast provides on their web site (since the actual information isn't included on their web site) figuring my chances of receiving an actual response were slim. I was wrong:
Dear Brett,

Thank you for contacting Comcast Cable.

MASN has launched two channels ? MASN and MASN 2. The second channel, MASN 2 was created to ensure that fans of the Orioles and Nationals could see their favorite team play, even when they were both playing the same day at about the same time. These are being launched on your channel line-up on March 29, 2007.

- The Orioles and Nationals each play 162 games, often at the same time.
- To accommodate and ensure fans can see their favorite team, MASN has scheduled more than 200 games on its main channel, MASN.
- An additional 100+ games will appear on MASN 2

MASN is a 24 x 7 sports network, and airs on channel 62 at all times in your area.

MASN 2 is an ?overflow? channel for Nationals/Orioles games that overlap and, as such, will have only occasional, live pre-game, game, and post-game programming.

TV Guide Channel and MASN 2 will now share channel space at channel 8 in your area. What this means is that when there is an overlapping game, pre-game shows, the game and post-game programming will air on channel 8 where TV Guide Channel normally appears. At all other times, this channel will deliver TV Guide Channel programming.

Digital customers who want 24 x 7 access to TV Guide Channel need not worry ? TV Guide Channel is available in its entirety with 100% TV Guide Channel programming at all times on channel 100 for TV Guide.

* Note: The interactive program guide will display ?MASN 2? on the analog TV Guide Channel and ?TV Guide? on channel 100, the full time TV Guide Channel digital channel.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Thank you for choosing Comcast.


Comcast Customer Care Specialist
Thorough. And I received this response in less than an hour after submitting the form.

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This is great! I signed a petition last year to allow the Nats games to be played in our area, and it looks like that SOB Angelos actually lost the fight. Good for him...creep.

So I guess if they play 162 games and we get them all, I can watch close to 100 losses this year. Sweet!
MASN seems to be copying NESN's format in handling overflow games, if I remember correctly.

Back in the good ol', we used to have to send out a direct mail notifying customers that Sawx spring training/early season games could be seen on NESN2 if their game coincided with a Bruins playoff game.

I don't believe Comcast - LC will receive MASN. I'll have to check, though. I'm not big on watching the Nats anymore, though, since they lost Soriano.
I was informed of this change with an email from Jim Palmer....sweet marketing....

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