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Traveling Violation

PennDOT's at it again. Let me start by reminding you that I have a half-hour drive to and from work each day and an even longer ride home on Fridays. Let me also get the link to the malicious source out of the way.

Now, you know where I live, right?

Traffic will be restricted to a single lane in each direction on Route 30 between Kenneth Road and Market Street.

Seriously, you know where I live, don't you?
Drivers using Route 116... may be restricted to a single lane with flaggers assisting drivers through the work area using an alternating traffic pattern.
In July, Roths Church Road will be closed on one weekend as will Route 116 on a separate weekend for the final paving of the roadway.
Without an appealing alternate route, I may be forced to suck up the atrocious MPG and wonder what might have been made of displaced moments.

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I heard about this on the radio today. You have my sympathies. Nothing worse than sitting in traffic, waiting to get to work or trying to get back home.

If it makes you feel any better, I have an hour to hour-and-fifteen commute to-and-from work each day. Thankfully, when I move back to Lanc, it will be 50-to-an-hour.

What we do for the benjamins...
I can sympathize since I go the exact opposite way to work (i.e. West on 30 in the AM East in the PM)and this will extend my already 45 minute commute.

Thanks PennDOT

I too have a 45 minute commute in the opposite direction. However, I take all back country roads and avoid 30 totally. You can always go my way.

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