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Dial Idol Has Spoken

The results are in and Dial Idol has spoken:

Count me as "not a fan" of this outcome. I've never been a Jordin Sparks pep rally attendee because A) her dad was a New York Giant and B) she just hasn't sounded that unique or consistent to me. I won't get too fired up about the result though because it's reasonable to say she probably was the better singer of the final two, and as The Dawg pointed out last night, this is a singing competition.

So what happens to beat-box Blake? History hasn't been too kind to the show's runners-up with the exception of Clay Aiken. Guarini, Degarmo, Bob Ice, McPhee... strugglin'. Can Blake break the curse? Will he be able to assert more of himself and his creativity into an album as a runner-up? Will I soon hear "pfffft, batp, shpoom, poom, batp" on Rose Radio?


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