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From Amy Krebs to Doug E. Fresh

A semi ho-hum edition of A.I. failed to inspire me enough to light up very often this year, so with the help of the SusCom Idol Super Pool 2's blog I'll attempt to straighten the whole season out...
  • 02/21/07 - Remember Amy Krebs? Man, she got a raw deal.

  • 02/28/07 - Kenny says "I'm voting to axe her (Leslie Hunt) every week even if it costs me the championship." He says it as though he knew the championship was his and only Leslie Hunt stood in the way. She was tossed the next night.

  • 03/08/07 - Randy starts talking about somebody's boots, I think maybe Lakisha's. This fittingly reflects the viewing audience's growing infatuation with contestants' wardrobe and appearance.

  • 03/10/07 - Todd K declares his "new favorite imprecation to be 'Haley Scarnato!'" May I request a more extensive list of favorite imprecations? Oh, and thanks for the new word.

  • 03/14/07 - Haley Scarnato! cries like a baby, which needs to be grounds for an automatic boot in season 7. Much angst is building among SusCom Idol Poolers regarding Sanjaya's popularity.

  • 03/21/07 - My pick to win it all gets a premature send-off. Kenneth Lee takes a lead in the Pool that he will never relinquish.

  • 03/26/07 - Don't hate, prognosticate: MJ and Todd K correctly identify this season's winner nearly two months in advance. Look, I turned the other cheek to the support of Ozzie Smith's son, but I refuse to accept support of Phillippi Sparks' daughter! E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!

  • 03/27/07 - Stefani seemed kind of nerdy.

  • 04/04/07 - It's a good week to be a crooner as Tony Bennett guests on Standards Night. Unfortunately niether Clay Aiken, John Stevens nor David Radford are among season 6's hopefuls.

  • 04/11/07 - SusCom Idol Poolers unite! A nearly unanimous (9 of 11) combo of Phil and Haley are selected to fair the poorest. Well played by most as Haley Scarnato! is sent packing.

  • 04/17/07 - Todd K questions Phil Stacy's country roots all the while wondering if he's the "dorkiest guy ever"?

  • 04/18/07 - That crying girl's life has taken a devastating turn: Sanjaya Malakar was voted off American Idol.

  • 04/24/07 - The much hyped Idol Gives Back show probably was the season's highlight, far out-dazzling the finale. Still not sure what to think about those bed nets though.

  • 05/02/07 - Prior to double-elimination night, Flood mixes a rare comment in with his picks, going the political route with a Mission Accomplished jab.

  • 05/03/07 - I said it once and I'll say it again: I'm convinced one of the following is true: 1) These aren't contestants, they're dominoes; or 2) Cowell was privy to the ribbon show's voting results and shaped his comments accordingly to satisfy his sweltering ego!

  • 05/09/07 - Some are growing tired of Blake's beat-boxing while others are growing tired of awkward, painful performances by past-their-prime entertainers. Additionally, I must admit Idol's honesty with Sparks to close last night's show regained some credibility with me.

  • 05/16/07 - The judging panel's incessant reminders that "this is a singing competition" come one week too late as Doolittle is sent home. Nevermind Allison's gut - eventual Idol Pool bronze-trophy winning Todd K was the only one who saw it coming.

  • 05/22/07 - Blake Lewis delivers an encore performance of his Bon Jovi cover to open the performance side of the finale. Daughtry, who covered Bon Jovi quite successfully last season, closes it.

  • 05/23/07 - The World's Greatest Entertainer Doug E. Fresh challenges soon-to-be runner-up Blake Lewis to a duel... the kind of duel in which only the bravest of men will partake... a reproduction of drum sounds using one's voice, mouth, and nasal cavity duel! I'm disappointed that Rose Radio has yet to give Doug Fresh the post-Idol-appearance love that it has shown others. I wouldn't mind a little "Cut That Zero" or "All The Way To Heaven" today. Oh, did anything else happen on the finale?

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